First 42 Miles


Hey everybody, I’m back! I have a class tomorrow so I had to get off the trail until Tuesday. On Wednesday I began my hike with my new friend Heather from the Southern Terminus of the PCT at the Mexican border. We hiked into the evening until there wasn’t enough light to see the trail and found a flat spot to set up camp about 8 miles in. It sprinkled a little bit the first evening but it was fine. I didn’t sleep too good the first night though. The following day we hiked the remaining 12 miles to Lake Morena where the ADZPCTKO (PCT Kick Off) was being held from Thursday to Sunday. I hiked a lot on my own the second day, it just felt right for me to go at my own pace and just move with my rhythm. We spent 2 days wandering Kick Off, watching seminars on injury, desert hiking, and tons of great stuff as well as doing yoga, eating good food, and meeting other people who have the same plans to hike to Canada. It was fun, but I was excited to get back on the trail so Saturday evening I set off on my own and hiked about 8 miles until once again it was too dark to see the trail. I set up camp on a ridge overlooking the mountains and the 8 freeway – the freeway wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it reminded me how close to home I was despite how “out there” I felt, especially being alone. Later that evening, night-hiking friends joined me and made me feel not so alone and in the middle of nowhere 🙂 Today, I woke up in that spot and hiked about 15 miles uphill to the Mount Laguna Lodge where my parents picked me up for my first “zero” day. It was sad to leave my trail friends and to leave the trail in general. I can’t wait to get back out there. I hiked the first 42 miles of the PCT and I can’t wait to jump back on. Everything is going good so far… 🙂

IMG_0296 IMG_0306 IMG_0315Image

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