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I am Abbi, people on the trail call me Otherworld, and here I am known as the Trekkin Lady, because that’s what I do! I was born and raised in San Diego, California – but you probably wouldn’t guess that if you met me. I am a woman who creates my own reality. Instead of living to work, I find work that enables the lifestyle that I want. I consider my home to be wherever I am.

After graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration, and an emphasis in Outdoor Resource Management, I was engaged to marry my then long-term boyfriend before setting off on a life changing adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail, which ultimately led to the end of that relationship and the beginning of a new one – with myself. After a slow and “normal” 25 years of structure and learning, my graduation launched me into a whirlwind of true adventure that would satisfy my heart in ways it had always longed for.

After spending six months living in the wilderness on the 2,660 mile Pacific Crest Trail I spent two months living in Baja California Sur, Mexico on a sustainable farm in the mountains. That summer I lived and worked in Yosemite National Park issuing wilderness permits and preaching Leave No Trace Ethics, as well as hiking over 300 miles of trails there! I’ve since spent two winters living and working in Mammoth Lakes for the ski resort, and in the summer of 2015 I hiked from Glacier National Park, Montana all the way to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington on the Pacific Northwest Trail before getting onto a bicycle and riding it down the west coast from Seattle to my parents front door in San Diego! (a journey of 3,000 miles). I then moved into a new phase of connecting to the earth through farming, cooking, herbalism, food sovereignty and community in Hawaii and Oregon.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding adventure full of physical challenge, spiritual wisdom, human connection, and feminine empowerment. It has been over five years now that I have been living this nomadic lifestyle and I have yet to see an end in sight. Please follow my blog to stay connected with my journey….

11 thoughts on “About Abbi

  1. Brad Bowser


    Dream big, chase rainbows, and enjoy the ride. Nice chatting with you and thanks for letting me read your blog. My 10 year old daughter and I enjoyed reading about all of your adventures – you’re an inspiration and a really strong lady. Go girl!

    -Brad (guy who shared the breakfast pineapple)


    1. Brad, I thought I replied to this! Sorry for the late reply. I remember you and am so glad you have shared this with your daughter. Thank you so much for the pineapple! I’ll be on my way to Baja next week, so stay tuned 🙂 The big dreams never stop.


  2. Mary Richardson

    Dear Abbi,
    Bill and I have so enjoyed reading your posts on the PCT – the ups (and downs) reminded us of our time backpacking and even some of our day hikes out of Mammoth. Keep in touch where ever life takes you.


    1. Mary, I am touched that you took the time to reach out to me. Thank you! I am so glad you and Bill enjoyed my posts, I have greatly enjoyed sharing my experience. I will keep in touch! Please continue reading, as I am about to step back into the unknown. Who knows what I will find! The PCT was the beginning of an odyssey, and I will soon have so much more to share.
      Love, Abbi


  3. Bobby

    Hey Abbi, I met you and your boyfriend with my aunt, uncle and brother at Pierce Falls on Ross Lake. We gave you 3 little gifts that I hope you two enjoyed!.:) I wanted to stop by your blog and let you guys know you’re a true inspiration. I applaud you guys for doing something most wouldn’t and only few dream about. So cheers to you two!.:) You mentioned you were from SD and would love to do a week or 2 hike, for starters. Any recommendations or websites you know of to point me in the right direction? Thanks for sharing your stories of your travels and I hope the last month of your journey is as amazing as the first 2. Safe travels and hope to hear from you soon!.


    1. Thanks Bobby! We did enjoy your gifts, and chatting with you and your family was a highlight of our day. I couldn’t recommend any 1-2 week hikes in San Diego, but there are many trails in the Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains that you could spend a few days walking along. Water is an issue up there. Look into the Noble Canyon Trail and all trails that connect to it, there are some loops you can make. My favorite hike of all time in San Diego is up Cuyamaca Peak via the Azalea Springs Trailhead. There are loops you can make in there, too but you’ll have to take a look at a good topo map. I love to hike in the San Bernardino Mountains, they are about a 2 hour drive from San Diego and have higher mountains and more water. There are lots of mountains near metropolitan cities, just take a good look at a map, find the open spaces, then get a closer look, and find the trails! Good luck out there. Thanks again! 🙂


  4. Hi Abbi, My son & I met you and Ted in Glacier, WA (we gave you a lift up to Mt. Baker). Just wanted to to let you know I’ve enjoyed following your posts to see how youth have been faring. BTW, the day after we met I had a couple shirts shipped to Ted/General Delivery in Concrete – Did you get them?


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