This ain’t no joke no mo

Everyday hiking the PCT becomes less of an idea and more of a reality. Last night I said my last goodbyes to all of the people I worked with at Felicita Park and when I got home it really hit me that things are changing and I am in transition to something amazing and new. I was simultaneously sad and happy. I just cannot believe experiencing such positive goodbyes! They BBQ’d on my last day and everyone came (except for NICK – hope you’re reading this! haha). My bosses all had kind words to share about my time at Felicita and they all sent me off with hugs and smiles. It was a happy time and it was one of those moments in life that have been pretty rare for me, when I really feel accepted, appreciated, and like I am noticed for who I am. It feels great to be leaving on such a good note and I look forward to visiting and possibly working there again when I get back home in September sometime.

We all took ownership of the park. I loved it and smiled often at its beauty. I loved taking care of a place so special, so full of history, happy people, and wildlife. I was exactly where I needed to be during the short time I spent working there. I’m going to miss the coyotes and hawks, the menacing flocks of crows, the egrets and herons who caught gophers in the meadows (too bad they didn’t eat squirrels). I’ll miss the squirrels too, though and all the little hummingbirds who are with babies in their nests now, the cute duck pairs, and the crawdads in the creek. I’ll miss the oak trees and the woodpeckers, and the sweet little wrens who visited me at lunch on my “secret” rock. Most of all, I will miss the people I worked with. Each one of them contributed to who I am becoming, and I am so lucky to have known such good people with big hearts (even if they didn’t wear it on their sleeve, they can’t hide it from me). I love people. People make me happy and kindness and compassion spreads like wildfire. Here is to reality setting in! In 1.5 weeks I’ll be beginning my adventure on the PCT and during this wait I will be planning all my food resupplies and getting a few more things to carry in my pack. This ain’t no joke no mo!

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